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I Believe in Coyotes

I believe in a lot of things, actually.

One of the things I believe in that is very important to me personally is that you are creative. 

I also believe that you are in a great position to use your creativity in a way that helps you accomplish the things that are important to you, in a way that no other person on earth, or off of the earth for that matter, can do.

So what?

I believe that, for a number of reasons, people have warped the meaning of creativity in such a way as to make it inaccessible to a tragically large number of people. I’d like to address that with this project.

I also believe very deeply that creativity can be taught, or more accurately, that one can be taught to strengthen and implement one’s own inherent creative ability. I intend to prove that as we go along.

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting some things from my past, and I’ll be developing thoughts and ideas that have been bouncing around my head for a while. If you find any of this valuable, then so much the better.

Thanks for your time, and have an amazing day.

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