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I’m taking the time for a number of things

I found a file I was putting together for this project from several years back, and I was surprised that what I had taken note of was mostly encouraging and potentially useful. IN particular, I like the encouraging tone of what I’d written. It reminds me that the way I talk to myself can move me forward, or stop me in my tracks.

Anyhow, below is the entirety of the file. Feel free to comment on it, correct my thinking, swipe my ideas and/or generally use this to mock me mercilessly. It’s okay. Doggone it, people like me.

Creativity: An Owner’s Guide
– How to learn it, how to use it, how to teach it

~The screaming of a thousand muses

~write chapters as talk outlines:
-intro (get attention, illustrations, stories, set up topic)
-body (logically developed, practical, usable)
-conclusion (summarize, call-to-action)
, then develop the “talk”

~keep the tone conversational. write so that an 8 year old can get it, but don’t patronize, either

~don’t fear. if you get it wrong, discard what’s wrong and fix it. if it needs editing, edit. if it needs re-writing, do it. time is on your side.

~don’t try to incorporate everything you know into one grand Unification Theory. just use what really fits. additionally, realize that the first edition may be seriously flawed or deficient. that’s okay, who’s gonna get hurt?

~make this information practical and usable. think GTD for creativity.

~what about creating toward a goal, for a desired outcome?

creativity involves: perspective (viewpoint), perception (filters) and processing (ABCD). Oh, and a lot of hard work, too.

A – Alter
B – Blend
C – Copy
D – Discover

Modesty involves knowing our limitations. By modestly admitting that we, as humans, don’t create in the true sense, we free ourselves to focus fully on what our capabilities are.

So, this is a very sketchy outline of what I’m trying to accomplish with The Functional Creative. There’s a lot of work to be done, but I think it’s going to end up being worth it. I look forward to seeing how this shapes up, and from hearing from anyone who is helped by this, or who can readjust my approach.


As always, thanks for your time, and have an amazing day!

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