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The Creative KeyRing

I’ve read a lot of different thoughts on the topic of creativity, and it seems that each one has a different angle. From how to be creative, motivation for creative thinkers, how to make money from your creative work, what the creative process entails and even multiple definitions as to what creativity means.

I started this project in an attempt to figure out and define creativity once and for all, but I’m beginning to think that might be a fool’s errand. No matter how well thought out my findings, there are bound to be a horde of people who simply say I’m wrong, and that they’ve got it figured out in a different way.

The goal of The Functional Creative has always been to help you use creativity to get stuff done, whether it’s an art project, building a new business or simply organizing your workspace. We are all creative, and that’s proven by all the creative approaches to the topic.

So, now I’ve change course.

There is no single key to creativity, at least none that anyone has been able to prove is the one true key. Instead, there are a host of keys, and I’m going to start collecting them here.

This series “The Creative KeyRing” will be focused on individual attributes that contribute to creativity. Don’t expect any one post to be complete, or even correct, but rather a starting point for you to find tools that help _you_ to boost your own creativity, motivation and productivity. I’ll be adding more keys to the ring as I go along, so stay tuned!

As always, I look forward to hearing from you on this topic, and hope that this proves useful as you strengthen your creative muscles and move forward on whatever wonderful endeavors you have before you.

Thanks, and have an amazing day!

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